FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (7/26-8/1)

Hi everyone!! I hope you are still enjoying your well-deserved summer break! If you, nevertheless, feel like being productive and starting to prepare for your medical applications, definitely don't miss this week's FREE pre-med events! Join an MCAT Strategy Class, an MCAT Sample Class, or just attend an info session about US Medical Schools with Q&A! Good luck!!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (7/19-7/25)

Dear pre-medical students, welcome to this week's digest of FREE pre-med online events!! You might find some of these very useful on your way to becoming an MD.
Looking for an MCAT class? Check out an MCAT Preview LiveOnline Session!
Ready to take the MCAT in August? Don't forget to register!!
Good luck, everyone!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (7/12-7/18)

Hello pre-meds from all around the world! One of the important decisions during the medical application process is to choose whether you'd like to apply for MD-PhD programs, or "just" the MD ones. All the questions related to this topic can be answered during this week's ASKMDPHD Twitter chat, so don't hesitate to join in! And if you are currently out there shopping for MCAT courses, don't miss another MCAT Preview Class! Best of luck!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (7/5-7/11)

Happy Independence Day, everyone! It is the summer, and so the season of MCAT exams is fully running. Therefore, definitely don't forget to register for the MCAT this month, if you are planning to take it but still haven't done so! For those of you who are still about to start the real preparation, check out a Preview MCAT Class to see if it is the you are looking for. Good luck!!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (6/28-7/4)

Hello everyone! This week is very light in terms of FREE online events, so feel free to take a break and relax to have more energy when needed later. Practice for the MCAT with a Strategy Session or of you think you're ready, take a Practice Test to try out your knowledge and test-taking skills! Enjoy your free week and good luck!!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (6/21-6/27)

Hi future doctors from all around the world!! The upcoming week is full of events you can enjoy online for free, so don't miss out on a session about a Masters program in Bioethics, two MCAT Practice Tests, an chat with a pre-med advisor from Harvard, and two MCAT sample classes!! Get ready for the MCAT and subsequently for medical school - good luck!!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (6/14-6/20)

Hello pre-meds! I hope you're doing well and deservingly enjoying your break or gaining it by hard work in preparation for med school! The upcoming week is especially dense on interesting FREE events, such as Preview MCAT Classes and a Strategy Session, an Advising Session, and a Twitter chat with AAMC!! There are also two MCAT Exams taking place this week (some of you received FREE practice MCAT exams by Next Step TEST PREP from us in advance), so good luck to everyone!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (6/7-6/13)

Dear future doctors, welcome to this week's digest of FREE pre-med online events! If you are ready to take the MCAT this month, don't forget to register for it by this Monday to avoid any late fees! If you need some advice, join the premed online chat and for more MCAT drill, don't hesitate to take the Free MCAT 2015 Practice Test! Good luck, everyone!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (5/31-6/6)

Hello everyone, summer is fast approaching, but don't forget the hard work! In case you need more practice for the MCAT, definitely check out the strategy session this week or, for the advanced test takers, take a practice test! If you think you're ready, don't forget to register for next month's MCAT exam!! And if you are ready to apply this year, you should do so as soon as possible after the AMCAS opens this week! Good luck!!


FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (5/24-5/30)

Hi pre-meds! I am sure you are enjoying one of the first weeks of your well-deserved break, though if you would like to add some productivity into the mix, check out the events below. They include a chat with an adviser, an online webinar about med school applications, or two different preview MCAT classes! Also, if you're taking the MCAT this June, don't forget about our FREE MCAT Practice Test offer (ses above)!!