Admission Criteria

First thing to consider, once you decided to apply pretty much anywhere, are the requirements to do so (see AMCAS introduction flier). Most of those who are trying to apply for an American medical school have already gone through an application process at least once - when applying for an undergraduate school. Applying for a medical school is not so much different (at least at the beginning) - it consists of the following elements:

  • Primary AMCAS application - supported by most U.S. medical schools (more info here)
  • Secondary Application - a school-specific supplement sent to applicants upon receiving the primary application
  • MCAT - a standardized test required by most U.S. medical schools (more info here)
  • Academic requirements - completion of a pre-medical program, usually at a US college (specific requirements vary)
  • Grades - no schools publish minima or maxima, but competitive academic results are expected ("more A's than B's," etc.)
  • Activities - such as extracurriculars, summer occupations, and clinical experience (none of these are required, but they are definitely considered during the application process)
  • Letters of Recommendation - 2 science-affiliated, 1 non-scientific
  • Personal Interview - once all application requirements are met, applicants considered for the admission are invited for an interview


  1. I have a question.

    AMCAS instructions say that overseas campuses of US/Canadian institutions qualify as US/Canadian colleges and are not seen as foreign institutions, since they are accredited in the US/Canada. Do the universities that accept international students hold the same view? As in, would this satisfy the "at least ___ full years of study at a college or university in the United States or Canada" condition, and is it seen as equivalent to completing undergraduate study on a campus that is located physically on US soil? (The bachelor's degree is awarded from the home campus of the US institution in this case).


    1. Hi!

      Personally, I would be almost confident that the requirements is about "US/Canada-accredited programs," and so in this case, I do not see why this would not "count."

      For precise information, though, I would highly encourage you to contact the schools you're interested in to verify this info before you apply.

      Good luck!

  2. hello marek, is it possible for a person who has a bachelor's degree from a foreign university to directly apply to a med school in canada?

    1. Hello!
      I am not really sure about medical schools in Canada - most of the information on this blog focuses on US medical schools and to be honest, I have not researched Canadian medical schools in depth, and so I would not be a reliable source of information in this respect.
      Therefore, the best advice I can give you would be to contact the Canadian medical schools you are specifically interested in directly in order to see what their requirements would be for you - I am sure they would be more than happy to help you out!
      Good luck!!

    2. ok, thank you for your reply.

  3. hi ... i'm international student..... what activities that help in increasing GPA score ??????

  4. hi ... i'm international student..... what activities that help in increasing GPA score ??????

  5. Hello is it posssible to apply for a medical school in the US with a bachelor in medecine from a foreign country ?
    Will it change anything if I get US credits by going to summer college ?

    1. Don't think you can apply for an MD program in the US if you already have a medical degree from another country. Best thing to do is to pick a school and look it up.

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  11. I work in USA on H1B VISA and Son is on H4 VISA studing in 12th grade in Indiana state. He is planning to study medicine (Medical Doctor) and he is applying IU Bloomington IN for pre-med undergraduate. After his admissions his VISA will be transferred to student VISA.
    What are the option he has to get admission in Medical college for his MD.