Pre-Med Events This Week (9/15-9/21)

This was a very eventful week, but the following one is going to be interesting as well! Check out the list below for all FREE pre-med events, such as practice tests and info sessions, organized by the leading test-prep companies - all of that taking place in the next 7 days!
For all events, see the pre-med events calendar in the right panel!
One of the biggest challenges of being pre-med is figuring out how to fit it all in: classes, clinical hours, and the MCAT all take their toll, not to mention trying to have a social life. Join us on September 16th to get the inside scoop on how to study smarter as a pre-med and use your time more efficiently. Learn from the expertise of students who have aced the MCAT while balancing complex schedules, and hear from Kaplan's Learning Science team on the latest findings about how to achieve the right balance. Register in advance online.

Sep 17, 12-2 pm - MCAT is Changing 2015
LiveOnline Event by Princeton Review: Learn what changes are scheduled for the 2015 MCAT! Register online.
Sep 17, 3-4:30 pm - MCAT Bootcamp
Get the toughest prep for the toughest questions by Kaplan. In these free, 90-minute live, online events, you'll learn the strategies you need to build the speed and accuracy to tackle the most advanced content on the test you'll be facing.

A Pre-Med seminar by Kaplan about the changes for the new MCAT exam in 2015. Register online!

Sep 21, 12-4 pm - MCAT Practice Test
A FREE online event by Kaplan: Test your skills with this free practice MCAT and see how you would score on test day. Participants will receive a detailed analysis of their performance on the exam, including individual strengths and weaknesses on every question type.
(Note: The administered Kaplan free MCAT practice test is always the same at all "MCAT Practice Test" sessions.)

Sep 21, 5-6:30 pm - MCAT 2015: Understanding the New MCAT
A Pre-Med seminar by Kaplan about the changes for the new MCAT exam in 2015. Register online!

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