FREE Pre-Med Events This Week (8/31-9/6)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first week of classes in school year 2014-2015! Good luck picking your classes and settling down in your campus - if you find an extra minute, don't forget you can always take advantage of one of the following FREE pre-med events, such as an MCAT practice test, or a preview class! Good luck!!

Mon, 9/1, 1:00-6:00 pm - MCAT Exam, PM

Tue, 9/2 - 9/18 MCAT Registration Deadline!
Last date for initial registration for an MCAT test on September 18, 2014 without late fee and last date for changes to initial registration (including cancellations and reschedules).

Thu, 9/4, 8:00 am-1:00 pm - MCAT Exam Date, AM

Thu, 9/4, 8:30-10:00 pm - MCAT Preview Class
Preview a Kaplan MCAT Class for FREE. Attend this class and learn valuable strategies and methods to raise your MCAT score. An expert MCAT teacher will provide information on the structure and scoring of the exam, strategies you can use on tough question types, and an overview of Kaplan's MCAT course and materials. Register online in advance.

Mon, 9/6, 2:00-6:30 pm - MCAT Practice Test
A FREE online event by Kaplan: Test your skills with this free practice MCAT and see how you would score on test day. Participants will receive a detailed analysis of their performance on the exam, including individual strengths and weaknesses on every question type. Register online in advance.
(Note: The administered Kaplan free MCAT practice test is always the same one at all "MCAT Practice Test" sessions.)

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