Pre-Med Events This Week (4/5-4/11)

Hello pre-meds and happy holidays! I hope you are able to enjoy at least a little break. If you would like to be productive, don't forget to take the upcoming FREE Practice Test! For those of you ready for the new MCAT 2015, make sure to register before the deadline to avoid paying any extra fees. Good luck!

Mon, 4/6 - 4/18 MCAT Registration Deadline!
Last date for initial registration for an MCAT test on April 18, 2015 without late fee and last date for changes to initial registration (including cancellations and reschedules).

Wed, 4/8, 3:00-4:00 pm - Premed Online Chat
Have questions for the premed advisers? Chat with OCS (Office of Career Services at Harvard University) premed advisers during premed chat hours! Type harvardocs[at]gmail.com into your Google Chat search field (“Search people...”) and click “Invite to chat.”

Wed, 4/8, 8:30 pm-0:00 am - MCAT 2015 Practice Test
A FREE online event by Kaplan: Test your skills with this free practice MCAT in the new 2015 format (shortened version) and see how you would score on test day! Participants will receive a detailed analysis of their performance on the exam, including individual strengths and weaknesses on every question type. Register online in advance.
(Note: The administered Kaplan free MCAT practice test is always the same one at all "MCAT Practice Test" sessions.)


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